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Solvent | “Hung Up” (Madonna cover)

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I had an idea to make 10 covers for the songs on Placebo’s “Loud Like Love” album using images from the original album artwork and the music videos for each song.

The full versions are gonna be up on my Behance soon, and some will be featured on my website.

Pitchfork - Magazine Concept

I made a thing.

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Who has Spotify and wants to make me an awesome playlist?

Now playing.

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CDs forever. #blondie #orangeisthenewblack #cd #music

I don’t know why but I can’t stop listening to this song.

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NEED to buy this on Record Store Day.

Placebo | “Passive Aggressive”

Every time I rise, I see you falling.

newbury comics deliveries.

I made this playlist on Beats Music, so I figured I’d make it on Spotify (they had more of the songs anyway).

This is a playlist that contains all of the available songs from Radio Broker, Vinewood Boulevard Radio, and Radio Mirror Park from Grand Theft Auto IV and V. All together, it makes a kick ass playlist.


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Something cool that just happened:

My “Controversy" poster was featured on Twibfy as a Staff Pick!